Manzanillo Grove Product Price List

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Red Label Olive Oil*500 ml$20.00  or 2 for $35.00
Green Label Olive Oil*500 ml$20.00   or 2 for $35.00
Red Label Olive Oil*750 ml$27.00    or 2 for $48.00
Green Label Olive Oil*750 ml$27.00    or 2 for $48.00
Lemon Infused Olive Oil375 ml$15.00
Orange Infused Olive Oil375 ml$15.00
Garlic Infused Olive Oil375 ml$15.00
 Chili Infused EVO375ml$15.00
Truffle Unfused250 ml$17.00
Special Blend Oil375 ml$10.00  N/A
Special Blend Oil1 lt$20.00 N/A
Balsamic Reduction375 ml$25.00   or 2 for $45.00
Olives - Vak Pak200 g$ 8.00
Olives - Jar300 g$10.00
vinigarette250ml$9.00 or 2 for $15.00
 Dipping/Salad Dressing Oil 250ml$12.00
Skin Care - Moisturizer100ml$17.00
Skin Care -Moisturizer200ml$25.00
 Skin Care - Cleanser 200 ml $20.00
Skin Care - baby lotion200ml$22.00
 NEW  Olive Leaf Tea 40grms $8.00  N/A
 Olive Leaf Tea tins 40grms $12.00  N/A


* discount for box lots of 12 :: 4ltre and 20 litre varieties also available. Service industry welcome

Specials this month



  3 Infused for $40.00


Value Pack very popular

choice of 1  Red or Green label 500ml

choice of  i Infused 375ml

1 375ml Balsamic

1 250ml Vinigarette




From $22.00