500ml Manzanillo fruit


Below are a selection of handy uses for olive oil:



To Prevent A Hangover

Take a swig of the best olive oil before drinking alcohol.


As A Gentle Laxative

Take two teaspoons of olive oil before bedtime as a laxative and a shield against infection.


To Relive Mild Sunburn

Beat equal amounts of olive oil and cold water and apply to the burn.


For Shiny Hair

Rub the hair and sleep with a mixture of olive oil, juice of one lemon and an egg yolk. Wrap the head in a hot towel and leave overnight. Wash out in the morning.


To Strengthen Nails

Soak the nails in a warm solution of olive oil then paint them with white iodine


To Prevent Wrinkles

Rub a mixture of olive oil and rosemary into the skin before going to bed.


To Treat Dry Skin

Make a paste of avocado and olive oil and rub into the affected parts. Leave for fifteen minutes, and then wash off.


To Clear Spotty Skin

Rub the affected areas with a mixture of olive oil and some drops of rose oil.


For Tired Travelers

Massage the feet with warm olive oil.